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  1. So looking forward to hearing you perform again soon – website is looking good too!

  2. Jack says:

    When’s your next gig? Looks like site hasn’t been updated for nearly a year, and would like to see you two guys play again! Are you still around in Norfolk?

    • mark says:

      hello jack

      Sorry for the delay in replying I’ve been knee deep in my 7 month old boy a lot this year 7 this site is one of the things that has slipped through the cracks a bit & i thought these messages would be coming through to our email but some how not.

      Thanks very much for your interest.
      We’re on at Norwich Arts Centre on Dec 21st if you’re around. The henry Brothers are very much a going concern & still playing, but not doing so many £50 quid gigs for the fun of it as i’m a little tied up for the time being. the next booking is march but it’s a private party as many of our better paying gigs lately are & there aint much point advertising them

      our face book is pretty well ggiging wise up to date but I set this site up myself last summer & it was so much work i’m afraid i frankly got a bit burnt out on it.

      resolving to get down to it more now

      Mark Henry

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